Women’s March on Washington

Friday evening –  January 20 – Daughter Jennifer, grandson Eli, and I start working on the posters Jennifer and I will take to the Women’s March tomorrow Jennifer is sure of what she wants to say. I am waffling and watching her.  Eli is trying to help both of us.getting-ready-for-womens-march-3




We’re finally finished. getting-ready-5getting-ready-4

Saturday morning 7:30 a.m.

Jennifer is ready to go.Posters? check. Pussy hat? Check. Nasty Woman Tee shirt? check. We’re on our way to Haverford College to catch the bus.  We leave at 8:00, and we won’t arrive in Washington until 11:00. This means we will probably miss the speakers, but the good part is that we will be on a bus, we have a reserved space at Union Station, and we are prepared for delays, traffic, and hopefully masses of people.