Day 3 Newquay to Perrenporth – 4.6 miles

We spent the morning doing errands in Newquay, after Jennifer had bandaged my foot 2016-05-23 First stop was the bank to get more cash. Next stop pharmacy, very helpful. Bought several packets of “second skin” a product I will write a testimonial about. Then we took the bus into city center to look for a T-Mobile shop to find out why my phone wouldn’t unlock. Everywhere we went, we were told that my phone wouldn’t work in England. That was that.

We walked back to the Best Western Hotel where we sat out on the terrace for a cup of coffee. Beautiful sunny day, lovely beaches on either side of us, a nice view of Newquay. Newquay the town-05-23The ocean, the beach, the surfers, all good. My blister was at ease. When you’re not in pain, the world is at ease too. Newquay stretches way up the beach. It is very much a tourist town.

We got the double decker bus to Perrenporth, about nine miles away, and arrived at about 1:00.

In Perrenporth  and we sat on a bench eating our cheese, onion, and potato pasty. The tide was out and we watched dogs happily chasing the seagulls and each other. Children playing in the sand. 2016-05-23 21.44.54Elderly couples walking along the quay, and resting on the benches, young couples with children and elaborate strollers. There are a surprising number of hefty, that is to say, overweight, and even obese people here. Old and young, and everything in between. We wandered around a bit, looking for hiking socks, but only found surfing gear in the stores.

2016-05-24 17.17.25Perrenporth is well known for surfing because the beach is several miles wide. Seiners Arms Hotel, which is right on the beach, has a surfing school. We checked into the bright blue, funky hotel, and decided to do our laundry since we weren’t going anywhere. Had a wonderful supper at Seiners Arms. 2016-05-24 04.46.18It was high tide, and the surfers were out riding the waves, or trying to. Not very impressive waves, or surfers, but the evening sky was lovely.

Word for the day: Blimey as in “Blimey, you won’t find hiking socks in here my luv.” (the response I got in a little sports shop.)

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Lyndon is a writer and independent researcher. Her articles, poems, book reviews, and short stories have appeared in Friends Journal, Pendle Hill Publications, Quaker History, Poetry Ink 2013, Forge 2015, and Gemini Magazine. 2015
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