Walking the South West Coast Path

May 21-22  Flight and Arrival in Padstow on the Cornwall Coast of England

Delta’s night flight from Philadelphia to London was almost completely empty. As the night wore on, passengers took advantage, and quietly appropriated the empty seats, curling up with pillows and soft red blankets. When I woke up the next morning, I looked around the cabin and saw what looked like row after row of lumpy, red, laundry bags stretched out on the seats, a sleeping head stuck out at one end or the other.

We arrived in Padstow, a small fishing village on the Camel River, just south of Port Isaac on the Cornish coast, where they film the Doc Martin series. The Camel is actually an estuary that flows to the Atlantic Ocean about two miles to the west. It was 3:00 in the afternoon, a gorgeous blue-sky day, and after almost twenty four hours on planes and trains, we breathed in the chilly, fresh, air of the sea, and looked around with delight. Gulls swooped and soared overhead, charming little shops lined the three-sided parade, or quay, and all kinds of small boats bobbed cheerfully in the harbor. We walked up the steep hill to check our bags at our B&B, Simply Padstow, and then back down the narrow streets and alleys for a fish and chips dinner and some Cornish cider. Delicious! Then back up the hill to bed. Steep hills, up from the village and down to the sea, this was the pattern and rhythm of our ten day walking tour. I was already out of breath.


Word for the Day- Crikey, as in, “Crikey, the shop closes at 4:00. Yes, you can make it. Oh, Crikey it’s just fifteen minutes back up the hill.”  ( I was looking for a shop that sold a Sim card for my phone. No luck, no working cell phone. Luckily Jennifer had brought her I-pad, or we 2016-05-20 23.17.09

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Lyndon is a writer and independent researcher. Her articles, poems, book reviews, and short stories have appeared in Friends Journal, Pendle Hill Publications, Quaker History, Poetry Ink 2013, Forge 2015, and Gemini Magazine. 2015
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